For commercial painting and decorating projects and larger areas, 
we use Q-tech P-019 paint sprayer, Graco Ultra Airless Sprayer,

Mirka Ceros 650CV orbital sander, Mirka 1230L Dust extractor Vacuum machine, Festool RTSC 400Li sander. 

We put health and safety on a first place, and we plan every project carefully to avoid unwanted accident. Appropriate warning signs to be used when painting communal areas or exterior of the building. Planning also helps us to work around the others, so there is minimum disruption and the projects run smoothly. 

We use best techniques and coatings so the finish is as durable as it should and last for a long period of time. 

We also work closely with leading paint and materials and power tools suppliers, ensuring that the best quality materials to be used on your project and top branded power tools. 

We can work with materials according to your specification, or we can help you choose paint and colors that will best suits to your needs. 

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